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Getting hired for Target Corporation and choosing Target Jobs or Target Careers will be one of the best options to work these days. Now, if you are searching easy ways for Target Job Application or coming up your Target Interview in few days then this post will certainly help you. An applicant can download Target Application Form PDF here and can also apply for Target Job Application Online. If you are searching for Target Seasonal Jobs or Target Warehouse Jobs or Target Part-time Jobs, you can find everything here on this post that concerns Target Jobs. Check a post carefully get an idea about salary, pay scale wages, qualification, requirements, Target Hiring Age, process etc now.


Filling up the form and submit at the store or apply online at Target Career website is the primary step applicants have to perform to apply for the jobs at Target Corporation. An applicant can choose any of the easier ways to apply for the jobs either in person at the store or online. There are many different vacancies are there at the stores and corporate office.

Requirements to apply for the jobs at Target Careers

  • Target Hiring Age is 16 Years. An applicant must be at least 16 years older to apply for the retails jobs at non-manager level jobs. Target Manager Level jobs require an age of 18 years to apply for the jobs.
  • An applicant must be available in time according to Target Working Hours (Typically 8 am to 10 pm).
  • To apply for the Target Jobs an applicant can apply online or apply in person at the store.
  • An applicant applying for the Manager Level Jobs will need at least 3 years of retail or store experience, customer service management experience, valid driving license with clear records to apply for the jobs.
  • An applicant will need the Social Security Number with Permanent address and contact information to apply for the jobs.
  • Information about your education.
  • Information about your employment experience.
  • An applicant must be able to start a job within 60 days from the day of applying for the job.

Target Job Application Online

As an applicant have to provide necessary details, always keep the personal data and educational qualification docs handy when you are applying for the jobs online.Target Job Application


  1. Visit the Target Jobs website at jobs.target.com.
  2. Search for the jobs, locations where you want to apply for the jobs or select the job where you want to apply from the list available below in the site.
  3. On selecting any of the jobs, you will be on the job description page where you can take a look at the qualifications and choose to APPLY NOW.
  4. Find a store by entering City, State, and ZIP Code details and select the store.
  5. Select the job area and then a job position available.
  6. Enter the required details as following and complete filling up;
    • Personal Details & Information
    • Availability in hours and weekdays
    • Previous Employment Experience
    • Documents and Questions
    • References
  7. Submit the application form in last and your job application will be submitted and considered soon.

You must read the hiring assessments and employees terms and conditions before submitting the application and getting hired. 

Once you submit your application, you will receive a return call from the store or corporate office within one or two weeks. You must prepare yourself for an upcoming interview in this time period before you get a return call from the store.

If an applicant is unable to apply online for the jobs then there is another option through which an applicant apply for the jobs. Apply for the jobs at a store in person. Follow the steps as shown in the section below to apply for the jobs at Target Corporation offline.

How to apply for jobs at the Target Stores

If an applicant wishes to apply for the jobs offline, either he/she can download Target Application Form PDF or can get the form from the store in person. After filling forms you have to submit it back to the stores. Follow the steps shown below in order to apply offline for the jobs.

  • Download Target Application Form PDF file here “Target Application PDF Form” and print it out neatly. (An applicant can also get the form in person from the store).
  • Fill up the form carefully by providing the following details;
    1. Personal details
    2. Employment details
    3. Education details
    4. Achievements, Skills, and Training
    5. Availability in hours and weekdays
    6. References
    7. Right to work details
    8. Privacy statement
  • Complete the form and submit it back to the store manager or shift supervisor in charge at the store.
  • The store manager or shift supervisor from the Target Stores will contact an applicant by any means of contact they have provided in the application form if an applicant is eligible for the job positions.
  • You’ll receive a date of an interview and make sure you visit the store on a given date for the interview.
  • Once an interview is over an applicant will receive the final answer from the store

It usually takes time about one to two weeks for the application consideration and response. It might be also possible that an applicant needs to face an interview at the store at the time of visiting stores to get an application form.


Target Jobs Hiring Process takes around one to two weeks of time to complete the procedure. There are no any drug tests in the hiring process. The job hiring process starts with an application and ends with an interview in the end. It usually takes one or two days for an interview call after application. You can check the Target Application Status by signing in to your Target Job Application Account.

Followings are the different stages and steps of the hiring process.

  • Application– It all starts with applying for the job through job application step. You can apply for the jobs either online or apply offline at the store in person. It is the first step in the job hiring process.
  • Return Call– Once you complete applying for the jobs either online or at the store, you have to wait two days to one week for the return call from the store or corporate office. If you do not get a return call from the store or hear anything then contact the store again for further notification or re-apply for the job later.
  • An Interview– If an applicant fulfills the requirements and eligible for the job according to requirements then he/she will be called for an interview. Most of the times, an interview is set within two days to one week of time. An interviewer team of store general manager, shift supervisor etc will take an interview.
  • Second Interview & Confirmation– Once you get selected for the first interview, you will be called for the second interview if you are a better applicant. If you are the right applicant who fulfills all the terms and requirements then you will receive a confirmation call from the store manager with one week after an interview.
  • Get hired and Start working– 🙂


The applicants who wished to apply for the jobs offline they must download the PDF form and submit it back to the store to apply for the jobs. An applicant can get the Application form from the link given below.

Target Application PDF Form- Download Target Application PDF Form

How to fill Target PFF Application and apply for the job?

  • Download the application form first and print it out neatly.
  • Enter the required details as instructed in the form including
    • Personal details
    • Employment details
    • Education details
    • Achievements, Skills, and Training
    • Availability in hours and weekdays
    • References
    • Right to work details
    • Privacy statement
  • Read the agreements & Target hiring assessment carefully and sign it.
  • Submit it back to the store manager or shift supervisor at the store.

Once you submit the job application form, you will get a return call from the store for an interview. Now, it is the time and most troublesome stage to get selected for the jobs. You must prepare before walking in an interview at the store.


An applicant is called for an interview at the time of return call. An interview is taken often by the store manager or by the shift supervisor form the store. There are some common questions which are asked to the applicant like personal details, hobbies, previous work experience, employment interests, skills etc. This kind of questions is answered very easily by the applicant.

Though there are some questions related to customer service, guest experience, and store services which more often makes the applicant nervous in an interview. Such questions usually threaten the applicants and they find very much difficulties in answering such questions. Now, if you don’t want to come back without getting hired in the final stage then you must visit an interview with a proper preparation. Followings are the questions which might be most possibly asked in an interview at the Target Stores. Take a view of these questions and prepare yourself to answer everything.

  • What do you know about the Target Store Chain?

These kinds of questions are interrogated by an interviewer to check whether an applicant does know anything about the chain where he/she is going to apply. An interviewer will ask only basic questions related to the store chain. Below given is the Target Wiki which will help you answer some of the basic questions like these.

Target Wiki

Target Corporation is the second-largest department store retailer in the United States, behind Walmart, and is a component of the S&P 500 Index. Founded by George Dayton and headquartered in Minneapolis, the company was originally named Goodfellow Dry Goods in June 1902 before being renamed the Dayton’s Dry Goods Company in 1903 and later the Dayton Company in 1910. The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962 while the parent company was renamed the Dayton Corporation in 1967. It became the Dayton-Hudson Corporation after merging with the J.L. Hudson Company in 1969 and held ownership of several department store chains including Dayton’s, Hudson’s, Marshall Field’s, and Mervyn.

Industry Retail
Founded June 24, 1902; 116 years ago
Founder George Dayton
Headquarters 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Number of locations

 1,822 stores

Area served
United States
Key people

Brian C. Cornell (Chairman & CEO), Cathy R. Smith (Executive VP & CFO), Robert M. Harrison (Senior VP and Controller)

Products Beauty and health products; bedding; clothing and accessories; electronics; food; furniture; jewelry; lawn and garden; pet supplies; shoes; small appliances; toys, and games.
Number of employees


Website Target.com
  • It is highly competitive at Target Stores, why should we hire YOU?

As you are walking in an interview at the second largest store chain around the world, you can certainly expect that it is going to be competitive there in selecting applicants. Now, it is simply expected that in order to get hired you must be eligible and qualified enough. It is the most probable question asked in every interview. You have to show your skills, workability, talents, and experience there. You can also share your previous experience if you have worked before in any store chain or customer service center.

I am very hard-working, passionate and energetic. I always have been and will be customer friendly employee, Sir. I would love to insert all my concentration, passion, and interest to maintain the reputation of our store chain. I have also been employed as a customer service provider before which gave me enough experience to work with desire and share my experience here. Other than that, I will work with all my sincerity and would never let you disappointed with my work.

  • Why do you want to work here in the retail store industry or here at the Target store chain?

Applicants have to show their interest in getting hired and have to share their previous experience if they ever had one. Showing your interest in getting hired for the job will increase many chances to hire you. An applicant has to answer such questions with interests.

Being honest, getting hired at one of the largest retail store chains is my dream. Other than that I also have interest and talent to work in the customer service and the retail industry. Also, I would love to offer a great visitor experience to the customers here at our store.

  • What are your ideas about customer service and how will you treat them here? or
    How hospitable (friendly) are you and can you manage a situation with an angry customer?

As the retail store chain is always full of customers and customers is the main element to run the store chain, every employee from the store is expected to be humble and friendly to their customers. An applicant applying for the jobs must have their personal ideas to treat the customers in a more better way and offer them a perfect customer service experience. If you ever face a situation against an angry customer then the employee from the store is expected to be calm and manage the situation without affecting the reputation of the store.

I do believe in the catchword “Customer Comes First”. As I have already worked in customers service department before and I love to be customer friendly. I will put all my efforts to offer our customers the best guest experience at the store. If I face an angry customer then I am not going to take it personally or not going to argue back. I will make an apology with all my calmness and serenity. I would love to kill angry customers with my kindness and will take a feedback indeed. This will make sure that I do not need to face another angry customer with the same reason even in the future.

  • What do you mean by ‘Team Work’ and how comfortable are you to work with the team?

Target Retail stores are managed by lots of employees and they work together there to keep the store chain operating. Now, as you are applying here at the same store, you will have to manage with your colleagues. You must be comfortable with your associates in work and have the mutual understanding to give better output at the stores.

I have a good mutual understanding to work with my partners. I would love to create an environment in which my colleagues will love to work with me. I have also worked in the crowd before and will manage to work with my colleagues.

Following the steps for Target Application to as shown above are necessary to get hired for Target Jobs and make your future with Target Careers. If you face any difficulties in applying for the jobs at Target or facing target Interview Questions, comment below or visit the site now.

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