Starbucks Job Application & Interview Questions

Starbucks Job Application is a primary stage an applicant has to accomplish to apply for Starbucks Jobs. It, of course, is going to be competitive at the largest coffee store chain whether it’s about the Starbucks Interview application. Now, if you are interested in getting hired at the third largest restaurant chain in the world “Starbucks Jobs” then there are some requirements like the Starbucks hiring age, Starbucks Job requirements, wages & salaries etc which must be noticed by an applicant trying to get hired and want to make a career with Starbucks Careers.

It can be easily expected that it will be competitive as applying for the jobs at one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, an applicant has to apply for the job and walk in an interview with preparation. It will take 10 to 15 minutes of time to take a look the post and clear every query that concerns Starbucks Job Application, Starbucks Hiring Process, answer the Starbucks Interview Question. Now, whatever you are searching for if that concerns Starbucks Career or Starbucks Application then you will be getting every related detail on this post. I suggest our readers take a look at this post available before applying for the jobs and feel a lot more confident after reading this post.

Starbucks Job Application | Starbucks Application

Starbucks Application is the first stage an applicant has to fulfill in order to apply for Starbucks Jobs. Various ways are offered to apply for the jobs at Starbucks through apply online, apply offline or apply at the store in person. An applicant can choose any of the convenient means to apply for the job. If you want to apply online then apply for the jobs online at Starbucks Career Website by searching for jobs there.

Various job positions are offered by the Starbucks Shops and corporate offices. Followings are the jobs and positions offered to an applicant at the restaurants or stores.

  • Starbucks Restaurant Jobs | Retail Jobs
    • Baristas
    • Shift Supervisors
    • Shift Managers
    • Assistant Store Managers
    • Store Managers
    • District Managers
  • Starbucks Corporate Office Jobs
  • Starbucks Manufacturing and Distribution Jobs

Certain requirements, qualifications, eligibility criteria, salaries & wages etc are there which must be known by an applicant before applying for the jobs.

Requirements to apply for the jobs at Starbucks

  • Starbucks Hiring Age is 14 Years. An applicant must be at least 14 years older to apply for the retails jobs at non-manager level jobs. Manager Level jobs require an age of 18 years to apply for the jobs.
  • An applicant must need Starbucks Application Login ID to apply for the jobs online.
  • An applicant has to available at the store accordingly Starbucks Working Hours.
  • To apply at the Starbucks Jobs an applicant can apply online or apply in person at the store.
  • An applicant applying for the Shift Supervisor Jobs or Production Supervisor will need 1 year’s customer service experience in the restaurant industry or customer service dept.
  • An applicant applying for the Manager Level Jobs will need at least 3 years of retail or customer service management experience, valid driving license with clear records to apply for the jobs.

Starbucks Salary | Wages | Pay Rates

  • Barista- $7 to $15 per hour.
  • Shift Supervisor- $8 to $18 per hour.
  • Shift Manager- $8 to $19 per hour.
  • Store Manager- $33,000 to $70,000 of salary package per year.
  • Lead Barista- $8 to $14 per hour.
  • Assistant Manager- $31,000 to $49,000 of salary package per year.
  • Project Manager- $31,000 to $110,000 of salary package per year.

Starbucks Job Application Online

It is necessary to have a Starbucks Application Login Account in order to apply for the jobs online. If the applicant doesn’t have an online account then he/she can make an account while proceeding to apply for the jobs. It is suggested to keep your personal and professional qualification docs with you while proceeding to apply for the Starbucks Jobs online.Starbucks job application

  1. Visit Starbucks Careers Website at
  2. Select the section and job position where you want to apply for jobs from Retail Jobs, Corporate Jobs, and Manufacturing & Distribution Jobs.
  3. On the next page, you can find jobs availability offered by the stores in a specific where you have to choose the job option and click on available option APPLY NOW.
  4. You will be on the terms and conditions page where you have to agree with the Starbucks Hiring Terms or Assessment.
  5. Log in to your Starbucks Application Account or Starbucks Careers Account. If an applicant doesn’t have an account, it’s easy to register for the new account with the help of your e-mail address.
  6. Followings are the steps and requirements needed to apply for the jobs.
    • Upload Resume
    • Personal Details
    • Availability in hours and weekdays
    • Previous Employment Experience
    • Documents
    • Questions
    • About Applicant
    • Job Source/ Reference
    • Self-Identification
    • Questionnaire
    • Application Confirmation
    • Review and Submit
  7. Submit the application and your job application will be submitted and considered soon.

An applicant has to submit the application in last by adding all the required details and agree with the terms and conditions. It usually takes a time of a week or two weeks to consider your application and get a return call from the store for the further hiring process.

It is possible that the applicant might not be able to apply online or unable to apply for the specific jobs on the Starbucks Careers or Starbucks Jobs online website. If you are facing the same troubles in applying for the jobs then choose the following alternative method to apply for the jobs offline.

How to apply for the Starbucks Jobs Offline?

  1. Download Starbucks Application PDF Form at Starbucks Job Application PDF or get an application form in person from the store.
  2. Feel the application with required details and complete the form.
  3. Submit it back to the store where you want to apply for the jobs.
  4. The store manager or shift supervisor will soon contact an applicant by any means of contact if you are eligible for the job positions.
  5. Normally, the Home Depot stores reply you within one to two weeks of the period.

An applicant will receive a return call from the store manager or shift manager if they are eligible to apply for the jobs. It will take time of one or two weeks. Sometimes, an applicant might face an interview at an instant.

Starbucks Hiring Process

It usually takes time of a week or less than a week for the complete hiring process. The hiring process starts with an application and ends at the interview. There are no any drug tests or other tests are taken here.

Followings are the hiring process stages.

  • Application– Primary stage to apply for the jobs. An applicant can either apply for the jobs online at the Starbucks Careers Website or apply offline at the store in person.
  • Return Call– Once after applying for the jobs online or offline, an applicant will receive a return call from the store. It takes a considerable time of one week. If you do not hear anything from the store then contact the store again for further notification.
  • An Interview– If you are eligible enough to apply for the job positions, you will get a date for an interview. An applicant must walk in interview with the preparation.
  • Confirmation– If you are the right candidate according to the interviewer team and if you fulfill all the terms and requirements then you will receive a confirmation call from the store manager with one week after an interview.
  • Get hired & Start working– 🙂

Starbucks Application Form PDF

An application PDF form is a must required a step to apply offline. An applicant can get the Application form from the store in person or can get from the given link below.

Starbucks Application PDF Form- Starbucks Application PDF

How to fill the Starbucks Application Form? 

  1. Download Starbucks Job Application PDF Form.
  2. Enter the required details as demanded including
    • REFERENCES etc
  3. Once you complete filling the application form, Sign the form after reading agreements & Starbucks hiring assessment carefully.

Once you submit your application form, you will get a return call from the store for an interview. Now, its the time and most difficult stage amongst all to get selected for the jobs. You must prepare before walking in an interview. Spending some of your time on given section below will certainly going to help you answering difficulties in the Starbucks Jobs Interview.

Starbucks Interview Questions

Generally, an interview is taken by the store manager or the shift supervisor at the store. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes of time for an interview at the Starbucks Store Jobs. Wear simple, formal, and casual clothes at a job interview. Walk in an interview with confidence, energy, and always response with patience.

Usually, interviewer team interrogates an interviewee about personal details, hobbies, where do you see yourself in 5 years, previous employment experience etc questions. Most probably interviewees answer such questions very easily. But there are some customer service & restaurant experience related questions, which might be asked most probably in an interview at the Starbucks stores which makes candidates nervous in answering them. Followings are some questions which can be asked in the interview at the Starbucks.

  • What do you know about the Starbucks Coffee Shop Chain?

Such questions are asked by the interviewer team to check whether an applicant knows anything about the chain where he is applying or not. An applicant should have some basic ideas and knowledge about the coffee shop chain before walking in an interview. Following given is the Starbucks Coffee Shop Wiki which will help you answer related questions in an interview.

Starbucks Wiki

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. As of 2018, the company operates 28,218 locations worldwide. Starbucks is considered the main representative of “second wave coffee”, initially distinguishing itself from other coffee-serving venues in the US by taste, quality, and customer experience while popularizing darkly roasted coffee.

Industry Coffee shop
Founded March 31, 1971; 47 years ago (Pike Place Market, Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington, U.S.)
Founders Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker
Headquarters 2401 Utah Avenue South, Seattle, WashingtonU.S.
Number of locations
Area served
Key people
Myron E. Ullman (Chairman), Mellody Hobson (Vice Chairman), Kevin Johnson (President and CEO), Howard Schultz (Chairman Emeritus)
Coffee beverages, smoothies, tea, baked goods, sandwiches
Number of employees
  • Why should the Starbucks Store Chain hire you?

As you are walking in an interview at one of the largest restaurant chain and largest coffee shop chains in the world, it certainly is expected that it is going to be competitive at the Starbucks Interview. You must be eligible enough for the job positions with all your qualification, requirements, and attitude. Applicants have to show their skills, eligibilities, energy, eagerness, workability, previous employment experience and everything which can be helpful for you to get hired.

I am the hard-working, enthusiastic and customer friendly applicant here. I will work here with my concentration, passion, and interest to maintain the reputation of the store and so the coffee shop chain. I have also worked in the customer service department and restaurants before which will help me share my previous work experience here. I will always love to make my services and presence helpful for the restaurant.

  • Why do you want to work in the restaurant industry?
  • Why do you want to work here at the Starbucks Coffee Shop?

Applicants have to show their interests and attention that their desperately want to get hired for the jobs at the Starbucks Coffee Shop. An applicant has to answer these kinds of question with all interests and desperateness.

Getting Hired at one of the largest restaurant chains and the largest coffee shop chain is everyone’s dream so is mine. I would also love to the store as I want to make my future brighter with the restaurant which has higher goals, values, and respect. I also know that Starbucks is the only employee-friendly chain which treats their employees’ with very friendly behavior and calls their employees “Partners”.

  • What are your ideas about customer service and how will you treat customers here at a store?

An applicant must have convincing thoughts and innovative ideas which concern the customers at the shop. The customer is the most primitive element in the success of this restaurant chain and so the team expects each applicant to have better thoughts on how to treat their customers.

I have my own motto with customers as “Customer Comes First”. Customers will be always my first priority in all my aspects. I have already worked in the customer service section before and I will love to share my previous experience to treat the customers in a more convenient way. I will offer them the best guest experience and the customer experience here. I will exercise all my efforts and abilities here to maintain the best customer services in our stores and maintain the reputation of our shop.

  • How friendly are you and how will manage a situation with an angry customer?

An applicant is expected to be hospitable and very friendly with the customers at the store. Even if a situation is there with an angry customer, every applicant is expected to handle an angry customer without affecting the reputation of the store. Applicants are expected to never take all those comments personally and not to reply back or argue back with anything.

I always have been very friendly with the customers visiting here. Treating the customers and giving them a well-satisfied guest experience is my strength. If it comes to the situation against an angry customer, I will never take personally or I am not going to argue back with anything. Instead of that, I will make an apology with all my calmness which a customer cannot refuse. I will love to kill them with my kindness and calmness. I will also take a feedback and reason for his/her anger which will help me not to face another angry customer for the same reason.

  • How do you define “Team Work”?

There are plenty of staff members and workers are going to be there at every store. Each applicant is expected to work well and settle in an environment at the store. You will have to manage and work sincerely with partners to give a better output.

I would love to create an environment in which my colleagues and co-workers like to work with me. I will manage with my colleagues and will work together to give a better output than ever before. 

The data, information, and facts on a post related to Starbucks Job Application, Starbucks Job Hiring Process, Starbucks Interview Questions will help you get hired for the STARBUCKS JOBS. If you find any difficulties or inconvenience here then you can tell by commenting below and we will work faster than Starbucks Application Process. For more interesting jobs and employment, please visit the site now.

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